Sure Beats Steaming…

What a great surprise! Check out this gorgeous glass jar of pickled haricot verts that I received as a gift from my neighbor Dan Doern. Dan mixed the haricot verts from our 7/14/12 CSA pick up with vinegar, sliced lemons, peppercorns, garlic cloves, epazote (from his own garden) and jalapeno peppers to make a super tasty quick pickle.

The last time I used epazote was during a cooking class in Oaxaca, Mexico. Color me impressed…

Dan nuked everything for a minute and then stored it in this airtight glass container. Stored in the fridge, this tasty treat should last a few weeks.

And what flavor! The haricot verts are spicy, savory, tangy and citrus-y sweet all at the same time. Dan recommends adding to bloody marys for additional savoriness. We snacked on them with cocktails before dinner. Puts my steamed green beans to shame!

Dan, chime in on what I’m missing re: the recipe or instructions. And thank you again!


  1. Dan Doern says:


    You flatter me too much. Its really a simple technique that is not my invention. It takes only a few minutes as its not really a “preserving” technique, but a “quick pickling” technique.These are the ingredients that I used:

    Wolfe Spring Farm String Beans (thank you very much)
    A Few Fresh Epazote Sprigs
    Sliced Limes
    Equal Parts White Vinegar (rice will do but won’t be as tangy) and Water to fill whatever jar you have that has about a 4 or 5 cup capacity
    Wolfe Spring Farm Garlic (amazing stuff, thank you very much)
    Coriander seeds, crushed
    Mustard Seeds, crushed (I used brown, any will do)
    Bay Leaf
    One Dried Habanero pepper, crushed
    Two dried Red Peppers (I used ones that I dried from last years garden and I can’t remember what kind. It was a Thai or serrano kind of thing but I think anything that adds some heat will do the trick – Jalapeño for sure… my auto correct added the accent on the n! Love that……)

    Pack the first three ingredients tight into a sealable jar.
    Put all the other ingredients into a microwavable bowl. Nuke them for 90 seconds, stir, nuke again. Pour into jar. Let come to room temp in open jar. Close. Put in fridge. Ready in about 4 days. Will last about two months in fridge.

    Delicious in a Bloody Mary, yes, but also great as a snack as Deb did, with cheese, charcuterie, after a run or bike ride (I think they have some kind of electrolytes in them…..Or is that the Bloody Mary I’m, thinking of……)

    Anyway….Deb, thanks for featuring this. Anyone can do it with whatever nice fresh stuff they have too much of.

  2. Dan Doern says:

    BTW Deb, I like how real your blog is: real pics, real family, real likes and dislikes, real do-able things for the way we live. Keep keeping it real!

  3. Dan Doern says:

    regarding the pickled beans: I forgot to mention a bit of sugar and a cinnamon stick

  4. Dan Doern says:

    Now that my jar of pickled beans has been sitting in my fridge for a week, I’d like to revise the recipe. They taste way too vinegary now. Rather than 1 to 1 vinegar to water, next time I’ll try 1 vinegar to 3 water.

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