It’s Thursday and do you know what’s Left in your CSA Basket?

Our CSA Pick-up day is Saturday and I’m usually out of food, ideas and energy for creative home cooking by Thursday night. Quick review of this week’s recipes:

But I’ve still got a few usable and useful items left, so it’s back to work tonight. I have the following left:

  • 1/3 quart cherry tomatoes – dinner tonight
  • Shallots and Garlic- dinner tonight,and these will last, so no hurry
  • Zucchini – have plans for zucchini bread this weekend, so sit tight
  • 1/2 head of cabbage – I’m out of ideas for you, cabbage head
  • 1 ear of early drought corn – Sam was going to eat for dinner, but the crazy rows look uninviting

Krazy Korn from CSA Pick-up 7/28/12

Krazy Korn is going in the compost bin.

We’ll have Salmon en Papillote and a green salad for dinner tonight. As I wrote in an earlier post, fish en Papillote is a simple to prepare dish for the kitchen weary. I’ll use the cherry tomatoes and shallots from my CSA pick-up, and then we’re ready again for Saturday’s stash.


  1. Tamara Mannelly says:

    The other day someone made me a pineapple/cabbage salsa. It was delicious and a great use for cabbage. It was a mix between a salsa and a slaw. Not sure of the exact recipe, but it had shredded cabbage (very finely shredded), scallions (shallots would be good), pineapple, cilantro, lime, jalapeno pepper, s and p. It was fantastic. I had it with chips and had the rest the next day as a side salad with lunch. I bet mango would work well too instead of pineapple.

    Love reading all of your recipe ideas. I just picked up my CSA box this afternoon and am going through the whole ‘what to make’ thing. My husband is out of town for a few weeks, so Tyler and I are gorging on vegetables and eggs (we get 2 dozen eggs a week, which works when he is in town…not so much when he is gone!)

    • Great idea on the cabbage pineapple slaw. Sounds yummy and refreshing. I bet there’s another cabbage waiting for me on Saturday, so will give it a shot.

      And thanks for the compliments. I am glad you’re enjoying the blog, and keep sharing your ideas. Good luck with the 24 eggs. That’s a lot for one gal and lil boy! And I love eggs, too. Btw, have you read the book “So Big”?

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